Mp3Feel Features

We’re leading in the industry providing free music surf. Music is a Integral part of life, and one of the most important factor to enjoy life.

Here we list some of our best features using our services.

  1. Less Ads: We system use only Google adsense which are seamlessly targeted ads based on your interest, So when you’re finding favourites of your songs, the ads on this site being served will analyse your interest and display the stuff that you meant.
  2. We don’t serve popads: Popads are the most user irritating ads and force users to exit the site disturbs you while downloading music. Other sites across the globe are never failed to give bad user experience by serving pop up ads and pop under ads which pays them high CPM.
  3. Easy to find what you need: This site use power nevigation function, quickly act on your clicks. An, advance feature in this site is installed developed by world wide ranked software engineers. In this features, we keeps tracking your songs quarries and the scripts collects and relative music and recommend other users your favourites. A wide range of search queries of songs help other visitor to get best music collection as per their need.
  4. Compilations: Our high qualified staff always in your service and keeps creating great compilation of songs like “best ever sung by Falguni Pathak”, “Best of Sonu Nigam” based on rating popularities. We’ve designed an algorithm function that finds the popular tracks on other services like Saavn, Gaana, Hungama, YouTube then arrange them to provide downloads.
  5. A large range of songs: This website serving you a large range of music, since 1950 to 2016 movies soundtrack, pop singers, Ghazal,etc collection. We’ve not ¬†even missed a single track since the initiation time of Bollywood.
  6. A-To-Z navigation: This songs websites has the a2z music collection of movies, By going to A-Z songs section of this website, You can alphabetically find the movies soundtrack helps you quickly get music of favourite soundtrack.
  7. Song Review: We individually gives every song review so before spending your internet data have look on the song review what the critics says about.
  8. No Spam: We hate spam, our site hates keyword stuffing, irritated paragraphs, and useless text.
  9. Easy to find Download Links: We provide every song download links in all sizes so that you can be serviced not to have spend more data while you’re going through low bandwidth data.